Engelse inschrijfrondleiding Highlights Museum Gouda

English language tour of the Highlights of Museum Gouda

The highlights of Museum Gouda, including the beautiful altarpieces in the chapel and the paintings of the Arntzenius Collection is the theme of a guided tour in English to be given on Sunday, December 30th, 2012. The unique history of the Museum’s monumental building is also covered in the tour. The tour lasts one hour and starts at 14.00, participants can gather beforehand in the museum café.
The guided tour costs € 3, - per adult (€ 2, - per child) not including the normal entrance fee of € 7, - / free with Museum Card.Children under 18 are free. You can register via rondleidingen@museumgouda.nl. There is a minimum of 5 participants for the tour to take place.

Hier vindt u ons

Museum Gouda
Achter de Kerk 14
2801 JX Gouda
Oosthaven 9 (tevens museumwinkel)


T 0182 331 000
F 0182 331 019

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Dinsdag t/m zondag 11.00-17.00
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Parkeertip: Q-park Bolwerk
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