Gouds Plateel ( pottery )

Museum Gouda holds a fabulous collection of “Gouds plateel” (pottery ), the top pieces of which are being exhibited in the “Catharinazaal” , room 18. Gouda knows a long and rich tradition in the field of clay pipes and household- and ornamental pottery.

Plateel is a kind of decorated pottery which looks like porcelain but is thicker and not as strong. Originally the French word platel means flat dish or platter. Nowadays Plateel is mainly used for this special kind of pottery.

In 1898 the Plateel factory “Zuid Holland” was set up in Gouda. When the production of clay pipes receded at the beginning of the 19th century and the manufacturing of Plateel proved to be successful, pipe manufacturers started to produce”Gouds Plateel”, following the example of “Zuid Holland”. Around 1920 one quart of the working population in Gouda was employed in one way or another in the production of Plateel..

Especially hand-decorated pieces from this period to 1930 with its characteristic floral decoration ( in mat or shiny glazing) are very popular. Some examples of crockery are part of the collection as well.

In Museum Gouda top pieces of the six most important potteries are being exhibited: Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland, ……….

Some examples of the “Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven” and of a couple of smaller firms of Gouda are also part of this collection.

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