The local collection of Gouda & the building

Museum Gouda is in charge of an extensive local collection. All the items that had been brought together in 1874 to found the museum and anything that had been collected in relation to Gouda and the surrounding area since then is part of this collection - in the depots one can find ten thousands of these objects. We also count the building of the museum itself as part of this collection. Special objects of the collection are:
* torture tools
* medical collection
* collection Goudse Pijpen ( clay pipes )
* collection Josien de Bruyn Kops
* collection of “Goudse” artists

Museum Gouda is a compilation of age old buildings : The “Catharina Gasthuis”. In these buildings tramps , homeless and sick people found a roof above their heads; it also served as chapel and as library.
An observant visitor can still discover signs of past times here.
Tramps were formerly hosted in the room where group portraits of civil guards are on show nowadays .
In the far past madmen were locked up in a “dolcel”, a tiny room, still to be seen in the cellar of the museum chapel.
In this same cellar a gruesome collection of torture tools are now on show, which had been used in the torture cellars of the old town hall.
A complete interior of a pharmacy reminds the visitor of the times when the Catharina Gasthuis also served as local pharmacy.
The “chirurgijns”, formally the name for ordinary doctors, gathered in the doctor’s room; it is still possible to visit it in the its original state. Here, a top piece of Jan Steen, with a quack as main person, will attract the visitor’s attention.
Of course, a collection of Goudse clay pipes, a once blooming business in town, can’t be lacking.
More recent times are represented as well. Josien de Bruyn Kops ( 1940 – 1987 ) collected works of female artists, in her time a complete novelty.
And, Museum Gouda is collecting since a long time works of artists of Gouda, often presented as a gift, sometimes bought.
For example the winner of the public price ( publieksprijs ) which was connected to the SALON12 : Suzanne van Schuttelaar with: “ Ook Goudse jongens gaan dood.” ( Boys from Gouda can also die )

To get a general impression of the local collection of Gouda you can visit:

Room 1: with the model of Gouda in 1562, and the famous sons of Gouda: Gerard Leeu, Erasmus, Dirck Crabeth and Coornhert.
Room 2: the permanent treasure chamber filled with top pieces en thousands of objects from the depot.
Room 3: old pharmacy of Gouda
Room 8: group portraits of civil guards
Room 13: torture tools and madmen’s cell ('dolcel')
Room 15: doctor’s room ('Chirurgijnsgildekamer')

  • De martelwerktuigenkamer

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