From 14 April, the Sint-Janskerk and Museum Gouda are organising the exhibition 'Experience the Miracle of Gouda'. More information and tickets.

Museum Gouda has a unique collection. From 16th-century altar pieces, 17th-century militia group portraits to French and Dutch paintings from the 19th century (The Hague School). Take a leap into the past and travel back in time to 1562 with the interactive city model. You can also enjoy the famous Gouda pottery, known as Gouds plateel, as well as the large open depot with clay pipes, modern art, silverware and many other objects. Buy your tickets here.

Opening hours

Museum Gouda Monday to Sunday 10h - 17h
The Museum café from Monday until Saturday 10h - 17h
The Museum café Sunday 11h - 17h

Admission prices and tickets

Adults € 19,50
0 - 17 years free
Museumkaart* free

*The Museumkaart can be purchased at the admission desks in Museum Gouda, or ordered online via the Museumkaart website:

During the exhibition 'Experience the Miracle of Gouda' (until 1 October), we are one location together with the adjacent Sint-Janskerk. On the day of your visit, a ticket also gives access to the permanent collections of Museum Gouda and the Sint-Janskerk. Book your ticket online.

Address and route

Museum Gouda
Achter de Kerk 14
2801 JX Gouda
Tel: +31 (0)182 33 10 00

Walking from the NS Railway station
It is a 10-minute walk from the NS Railway station to Museum Gouda. Follow the signs marked VVV; from the Marktplein, you will find signs to Museum Gouda. You can use our entrance at Achter de Kerk 14.

By car
Parking tip: Q-Park Bolwerk underground parking (Sint Mariewal 3). Follow the Hoge Gouwe from the underground car park and the signs marked VVV; from the Marktplein, you will find signs to Museum Gouda. You can use our entrance at Achter de Kerk 14.


Museum Gouda has limited accessibility for the disabled. Disabled persons are advised to use the entrance at Oosthaven 9.

There is a parking space for the disabled on the Noodgodsbrug, between Oosthaven and Westhaven. A wheelchair is available; we recommend booking the wheelchair in advance.

The altarpieces, the civic guard portraits, the rooms with the temporary exhibition, the city scale model, and the Treasury are easily accessible.

The Gouda earthenware and the French/Hague School are more difficult to access. Unfortunately, there is no lift in the museum (as this is a listed building). We have a small present for those who are unable to visit the upper floor.


Experience the Miracle of Gouda
A unique journey along 16th-century art treasures.

Time machines don't exist. Or will Gouda have a first? Because in 2022, you will step into the sixteenth century in this city. You will come face to face with unique art treasures, exciting stories and people from those turbulent days. Experience the Miracle of Gouda is a unique journey for which no passport is needed, only love of culture and discoveries. More information and tickets.

Silent Splendour
Paul Arntzenius (1883-1965) is not only a painter, but also a passionate art collector. In 1963 he donates his collection to Museum Gouda. More than a hundred paintings and drawings from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries find a new home. For Arntzenius this means that a great wish is fulfilled. The art that he loves so much can now be admired by everyone.

The collection of Paul Arntzenius mainly consists of work from the French Barbizon School and the Dutch Hague School. It is the harmonious landscapes, silent figures and simple still lifes that he feels most attracted to. To him, this silent splendour is what art should be. Part of his collection is now on display at Museum Gouda.


Are you visiting Museum Gouda with your (grand)children? The museum offers various activities to make their visit even more fun. Meet the rich beer brewer Dirck van Reynegom and discover why the colossal St. John's Church is in ruins ...

Museum café

Monday to Saturday10am - 5pm
Sunday11am - 5pm

Museum café Gouda is the place to go for a nice cup of coffee, cake, and lunch in a wonderful museum surrounding. In the summer, you can enjoy your drink on the terrace of the beautiful museum garden, an oasis of calm in the city. The museum café is located at the entrance at Achter de Kerk 14. More information on:

Museum shop

We stock a selection of books, collectables and momentos for all ages – perfect to remember your visit to Museum Gouda! We also sell related (gift) items during special exhibitions.

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